Sunday, September 28, 2008

the cock and bull story

the COCK and BULL story

Balung (comb)- It begins when the colors in the palette turns red, glowing, heated and is red-hot energy…. marked by much heat, so intense, it seems easily ignited

It may seem to look like our friendly domestic fowl or the rooster in the 12-year cycle of animals which appeared in the Chinese zodiac

Yet, It’s mysterious, fiery, fierce and may easily excites. Balung, very interesting to look at, its organic form easily attracts like a sexual allure, only when the” balung “is prominently displayed, it announces sheer arrogance, proud, vanity, egocentric, high and mighty authority strut! The comb may be the crest and symbol of our today's pretentious behavior, beware as we have been forewarned and take caution, as we have been told “gombak gemilang kutu banyak, bibir hitam gigi kotor”

(An old Malay proverb for “glorious crest plenty of fleas, black lips dirty teeth”- one may have a decent and honorable outlook but is a vicious and heartless person.}


mixed media on canvas

Sacred Cow -an icon for many, cow and bull have always been given that strong and powerful images and fixing the viewer with a rather provocative glare. It dominates the canvas..a true resilient survivor, reminds me of “Annapurna”…symbolic God of Abundance…The triumph over struggles…

Sacred cow, Figuratively, anything that is beyond criticism, cannot be tampered with or criticized for fear of public outcry. Some authorities considered themselves exempt from criticism or even questioning for their unreasonably action. It has come to almost inaccessible. Cow is a symbolic display, which upon pedestal is above the law!

The message; as art is part of social dialogue, now come with a strong presence of impulsive emotional response, It does not merely settle as a beautiful and decorative piece but with the absence of social-political issues deprivation shows, incompleteness revealed, like a unsettled issues of mad cow social-political issues…suppressed, oppressed!

Cock and Bull story

When both paintings exhibited together, the story finally disclose…many have not seen Michael Winterbottom’s movies or Will Self”s plays yet, but certainly many will admit that they have seen our own directed”Cock and Bull story”…apa pun Boleh!!