Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ketuanan di langit

Where one has been living far too long in a frustrated world, and struggling with his minority ethnic descendant identity. His world faded, with an end to happy times, a world that finally lets him down, and a want to leave this world far behind. Hoping to find a remedy to ease, he found “Playground in my mind”.

In this new world he also discover that he is now in total control, building and ruling his own empire, governing his own affairs, directing his own corporation and organization, giving orderliness and starting to enjoy his new found supremacy. He now has a new position and status, established a strong foothold in his own nation, and his advance is inexorable.

With that omnipotent power, he goes beyond, looking into space and conquer the universe by being even bolder to rename the planets at his preference.

He is building an imaginary new community in a real world. Like an eye of surveillance on a surreal community built upon, rather than an imagination of a 3D-virtual reality in a cyber world, as if, manifested into a playground in his mind. It is an escape of mental from this dreadful living in totalitarian

Artist idea and visual concept only.
These are not the actual paintings.
The subjects matter and visual execution may change as required .

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