Monday, April 7, 2014

E.H.Chee- Muka with Descriptions

E.H.Chee-30 days 2009,mixed media on canvas,5ftx52in
" My father-in-law wish to go back to China and my friend Tommy used to visit China for business - Both are allowed to stay for 30 days only. "

E.H.Chee-Roti man- My saviour. 2009 mixed me dia on canvas 5inx52in
“gui ren” (saviour)- is about the so-called “immigrants”contributions. We call him Uncle Roti. He sends roti to us rain or shine. And give credit without collateral for month after month, by only jotting down in 555 notebook. I remember telling him ”Mak cakap,Cukup bulan baru bayar.” And another loaf of fresh bread given without question ask.
E.H.Chee-sangfroid-i never left 2009 6ftx52in mixed media on canvas

“I never left” – said a third generation, his father has not visited his forefather homeland yet. And I intended to live here forever,To be born in this country is not my choice – a stateless feel

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